As part of our stand at the London Art Fair (P11 second floor art projects) we are pleased to present MECHANISE by Chris Hawtin. He painted space vessels live onto the walls as a cool illustration of how these are created using 3D imaging software then painted by hand...


We are please to be included in this piece on 10 talented new artists.

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We are pleased to announce three different projects from BEARSPACE in September!  We start at the Affordable Art Fair in Bristol from 8-10 September, where we will be showing a selection of our artists for the first time at this fair & in Bristol! The following week we...


We are so pleased to be showing new artists at the Affordable Art Fair Battersea!  See our new works in the Spring collection here!


We have been working with the artists Nadja Gabriela Plein and Rosa Nguyen to create an interplay between the two artists and allow the artists to improvise by installing their work in response to the gallery space and each other.  See here Nadja is curating a wall of...


At London Art Fair 2017, Own Art will be hosting discussion designed to support first time buyers in navigating the art world and make starting an art collection a little less daunting. They will talk though the first steps, options for buying and how to make it more a...


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