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Nadja Gabriela Plein

Nadja Gabriela Plein has a background in music composition, gaining a doctorate from the Royal College of Music in London before turning to painting.


Moving from music to painting, was an organic movement for the artist (like a natural and necessary metamorphosis) and, as such, she sees the process of creating a painting as similar to that of composing a piece of music.

She sees the paintings as an improvisation between the materials, the paint, the surface and her own presence and influences at that time combining to create a artwork of movement and dynamics captured in time.  The works sometimes involve listening to music, but she is also influenced by other factors such as climate or environment.


Nadja Gabriela Plein gained a doctorate from the Royal College of Music in composition she won the Mendelssohn Scholarship and has enjoyed her compositions being played internationally.  She is currently enjoying continuing her practice at the acclaimed and newly formed Turps Banana Art School specialising in painting in South East London. 


Photo 01-02-2017, 11 28 07
09-NGPlein 'Morgengedankenmusik' 180by125cm
05-NGPlein 'Wechsellied' 100by80cm
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