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Bella Easton

Easton makes large-scale immersive installations formed from small-scale drawings of personal places. Recent work investigates her home interior, isolating elements through symmetrical dissection. A fireplace, a standing lamp or small fragments of wallpaper are then reconfigured into ‘whole’ new environments through a geometric grid made up of hundreds of panels.

Using the traditional techniques, oil on linen or copper plate etching, Easton reworks each section individually using weight, pressure and touch to offset the marks and then splices the pairs together to a complete composition. 

Bella Easton is an artist and curator living and working in South East London. Educated at Royal Academy Schools, recent exhibitions include the prestigious John Moores Painting Prize at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, SCOTTY, Berlin, Cultural Centre, Athens; Spaced Out, ENIA Gallery, Athens, Greece; The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and The Future Can Wait curated by Zavier Ellis & Simon Rumley. 

Bella studio shot low
L-BE_27_BREATH_EASTON_MYRIORAMA ROOM SERIES_FIREPLACE II_88 Copper plate etching on 400gsm velin arc
L-BE_47_BREATH_EASTON 1_MYRIORAMA ROOM SERIES_ARMCHAIR_88 copper plate etching on 400gsm velin arche
BREATH_CROPPED_prtrait low
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