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27 April - 25 May 2019.     

Wed-Fri 10-3pm

Sat 10-6pm

REFLECTIVE brings together the work of Jane Ward and Jim Cheatle, two artists who communicate and construct their paintings with an element of the reflective. Both artists capture their work digitally, then work with paint and other materials to break down or build up the surface, fracturing and fragmenting whilst creating new pathways, literal and metaphorical. Whilst Ward wanders through territories both mountainous and urban, Cheatle journeys through his work in a methodical and deliberate way, working back and forth to build up his surfaces. Both artists create work reflectively, Ward engaging with landscape and the nature of memory whilst Cheatle plays with reproduction and simulation.


Jim Cheatle’s works have a graphic feel, as if quickly created in a series of instinctive marks which seem energetically yet decisively applied. When looking closer there is a much deeper complexity as the surface breaks down into overlaid elements, created by castings, digital print, collage and paint. Often tricking the eye, his work is not what it seems and textured surfaces are sometimes real and sometimes cast, embedded within a unified picture plane alongside images and collage. Protruding from the wall on deep, seamless support frames, these works draw out and play with notions of texture, colour, shape and reproduction. Cheatle studied painting initially then completed an MA degree in Communication Design (Deans commendation) at Central St Martins, sparking his fascination of communication and interpretation.

Jane Ward’s works are concerned with travel, memory and constructed realities. These are created from a series of photographs the artist takes on her art travels, from cityscapes to mountainous scenes and everything in-between. In her studio Ward breaks these down digitally, creating compositions then prints onto a variety of surfaces, from canvas to aluminium, bringing clarity or reflection as the artist requires. Often she works on the print to break down the surface by dissolving the printer ink or adding elements such as pigment or gold leaf, highlighting and excavating the surface. These works are a celebration of life, progress and nature. Jane studied printmaking at the Royal College of Art, winning the Conrad Foundation Award for print after graduating. Ward shows regularly at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and has shown at numerous locations around the UK and Europe.

Image credit:(left)Jane Ward,' From the Curved Horizon' digital print on canvas with dissolved ink and gold leaf, 90x120, Edition of 5

(right) Jim Cheatle, FRAGMENTATION No.17, Resin, pigments, canvas, paper, inkjet prints, MDF, 70 x 54.5cm

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