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Dionne Cole Imagines the beautiful translucent waters of the Caribbean ocean, the coral reef and the host of wonders which lie beneath, and translates this via the use of delicate geometric folded paper that sit like 3D installations  inside carefully crafted frames.

These works are an extension of the artist’s experience in set design to bring her creations into a place where art become geometric form.  These beautifully crafted works contain a fluidity, which the artist feels is the essence behind their design.  The artist says about her work “The pieces were placed spontaneously, as though they chose where they should go.” “Paper has always been the medium I have been drawn to; its versatility, weight, and accessibility make it perfect for sculpting.’  

Dionne Cole studied 3D Design at Camberwell College of Art and has since worked in set design and interior styling for such clients as Elle Decoration magazine and Living etc magazine, alongside developing her own practice.

DC-03-Green Sanctuary
DC-05-Shades of Coral
DC-08 Burst of Life
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