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Tom Pearson/Gabriel Molina

25 August– 10 September 2016

Gabriel Molina is a Canadian born artist whose work is concerned with the fundamentals of how digital processes create imagery, the mimetic relationship between the physical and digital, and the altering of perception through abstraction. Inspired by alternative culture, the philosophy of physics, and esotericism in the 21st century, his work explores the unintended phenomena in the interactions of different visual devices and how they relate to the natural processes that underlay our universe. By experimenting with the physical interactions of different cameras and displays, Molina’s work refocuses attention to the materiality of the screen.


For IMAGINARY | BOUNDARIES Molina presents his work Flow in large format for the first time. Flow comprises of an HD video triptych projected onto a digitally printed PVC hanging. Through the use of colour, movement, and scale, Molina creates a sense of tension between the work and the viewer, generating an experience similar to hallucination and altered states of consciousness. Abstract patterns and forms stimulate the mind’s tendency to perceive meaningful patterns from random data. The resulting imagery ranges from seemingly microscopic life forms to nebulae, and the work becomes animated as though watching astronomical and biological processes unfold.


Tom Pearson is a London based artist and designer who utilises the framework of alternative futures to investigate the social and political impact of emerging technologies. He creates narratives that encourage the viewer to question the systems and social structures that are built and destroyed by new technologies.

Pearson presents (Supervised Learning), a film and accompanying sculptural work, the opening chapter of an ongoing world-building project entitled Inside the Blackbox, exploring algorithms and politics. The project imagines a political system driven by data, within which citizens can train algorithms, their "data doubles" to debate and vote on their behalf in a form of digitally mediated direct democracy.


 Exploring the potential for the redistribution and transference of power within networked societies by considering technology's role in the creation, administration and occultation of power within political and social systems, Inside the Black Box explores new forms of engagement, the evolution of democracy and governance, and the stresses caused by networked technologies and global scale computation.


Gabriel Molina has exhibited both in the UK and internationally, including at NextFest Emerging Artists Festival 2013, LV Gallery in Deptford and Triangle Gallery. He was awarded the Jason Lang Scholarship in 2011. In 2014, Gabriel and his partner Allyson McIntyre produced a public mural as part of a collaboration for the Giants of Edmonton mural programme. His work has been published in Less Common Magazine as well as prominently featured throughout the inaugural issue of Aegir Magazine.  Molina graduated from the University of Alberta with a BFA in Fine Art and gained his MA in Fine Art from Chelsea, University of the Arts London graduating in 2015.


Tom Pearson is a London-based artist who has exhibited in both the UK and internationally at Rilao Project - LA, The Barbican, The Mall Galleries, and ArtWorkSpace. He is also a founder of Simplexity, a foresight and futures lab curently assisting the UK government with machine learning. Pearson studied Illustration BA at Camberwell College, UAL and graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2016. |


Sophie Nibbs is a London-based curator with an MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and a BSc in Psychology from the University of Manchester, who has worked with a number of arts organisations in both London and Berlin. Her most recent independent curatorial project was an exhibition and event entitled ‘Pronoia’ in London in 2015. Nibbs’ written work has been published in City Journal, and Anthology III - AOTCS Press.

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