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Kate Jupe is a mixed media artist currently based in Oxfordshire. Kate’s practice is very fluid and experimental, working with a variety of mediums. These abstract pieces are based on form, colour and line found in rural landscapes. There are three elements to her work photography, drawing and painting; the main theme being perspective. Kate references her own photography, capturing landscape and place. This enabling her to return to her previous surroundings and portray that experience. Translating weather, colour, terrain and meeting points into mark making. In each of her works Kate seeks to push the boundaries of the medium and its application.


Kate has exhibited in varies place across the UK. Graduation his summer from Bath School of Art and Design. Kate was also selected for ‘Best of The South West 2018’ recently exhibiting at Pound Arts.

KJ - 01 - 05.01.18
KJ - 04 - 19.02.18
KJ - 04 - October Series
kate back shot
kate profile crop
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