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Lucinda Metcalfe

Lucinda Metcalfe created vivid paintings that are inspired by the buildings and environments of travel brochures. Metcalfe's paintings provoke wonder and longing of tropical idylls straight from the pages of Winter Sun. 

Metcalfe has chosen to inform her work via an Ilya Kabakov quote - "The creation of projects, the formulation of all kinds of Utopias, is immanently inherent in us, in our consciousness, and furthermore it rests as a stimulus and as a basis for any of our actions as long as we remain human beings. In other words we can exist only in the mode of the creation and realisation of Utopias, no matter what they might turn out to be 'in actual fact'."

Lucinda Metcalfe studied painting at the Slade School of Artand recently appeared in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the year show, Metcalfe worked as Artist-in-Residence for Singer/Songwriter Imogen Heap and has shown widely often in contemporary cutting edge venues such as the Urban Outfitters boutique, Nomas Projects and the Pump House Gallery. Lucinda was also selected for New Contemporaries as part of the Liverpool Biennale. She currently teaches Diploma Art in Central London.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 16.16.25
Vegas Rainbow
Twisted Lights
Life guard
Pool party
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