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Natasha Kissell

Kissell’s paintings effuse aspiration and radiate wonderment. Often including modernist architecture, she places highly designed structures into imaginative landscapes. Through man-made structure or the delicate details of the natural world, her paintings depict fantastical landscapes that can only be born out of the imagination.

Natasha Kissell studied painting at the Royal Academy schools and then exhibited at the prestigious Art Futures.  She has sown in India, Copenhagen and the States and was a finalist in the Jerwood Contemporary Painters Prize.  Kissell has also undertaken several album cover artwork commissions including 'Black Swan' by Athlete and 'Army of Bones' recent self titled album.

Inspired by Caspar David Friedrich’s Romantic allegorical landscapes and Peter Doig’s energetic painterly approach, Kissell appropriates elements from eras of art history to depict her sublime realms. Reinventing traditional landscape painting, Kissell discloses whimsical and curious worlds.

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In the Night
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