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Watercolour and hand coloured copper plate etching on Velin Arches

40 X 18CM

Edition of 5

Bespoke frame covered in handmade Japanese paper


This frame is included in the sale price of the work


£94 a month on the Own Art Scheme, click here for details

Chiral III by Bella Easton

  • The bespoke frame is made as part of the work and is included in the selling price. ‘Chiral’ explores the artist’s ongoing interest to use a grid of sequentially toned and coloured fragments to construct immersive landscapes. A system of geometry and layering orders the repetition and mirroring of hand-painted and printed copperplate etchings in a way that establishes a connection between images of architectural spaces and the pattern of the work itself. These prints form the starting point of an ongoing series of larger scale paintings that investigates enantiomorphism through a single motif referenced from the urban landscape, flipped to form its mirror counterpart. Identical circular shapes are further cut from each and swapped over to replace their dissymmetric twin. Although these shapes appear surprisingly settled in their new location, it is realised that when they are superimposed it is not possible to symmetrically map them; thus forming chiral symmetry. 

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