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Archival digital print on canvas

90x120 cm

Edition of 5


We are pleased to present a brand new Alpine series of works by Jane Ward based on her recent 3-month residency in the Swiss Alps in 2017. Jane stayed in a fantastic disused school building in the Alpine village of Feutersoey, in the Alpine Region of Canton Bern. The residency took place in early summer when snow was still on the mountain tops but the Alpine area was in full bloom. In one of her reports Jane says ‘There is still snow on the top of the mountains and cable cars take you way up to the Diablerets range where there is a skywalk suspended between the peaks. It’s hard to imagine the land snowed under and all the winter sports activity as I walk along the wanderweg in this sunny warmth listening to rivers, cowbells, birdsong, enjoying the mountain air and beautiful flora of the meadows.’ The contrast of the architectural mountainous regions, flora and fauna and small pockets of houses and huts was great inspiration for the artist who approaches city or mountain scape in the same manner, finding a balance of nature and architecture then colliding them into a new fantastic world.

Overland 2 by Jane Ward

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