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We chat to recent solo show artist and graduate Elise Wootten

Where does the inspiration for your work come from?

My work stems from an interest in how photography can create illusion through the viewers trust in the photographic image as a truth telling medium and how this can be used to present fiction. In this interest in the medium and its characteristics, I began to look at the ideas of medium specificity and self referentiality similar to abstract art where the idea of a work of art is characterised by its own medium. I am particularly interested in the cameras fixed monocular perspective and the flatness of the photographic print within this notion.

How do different materials inform your work?

The wooden blocks used in my work were a means of adding sculptural subject to my photographs and also add a playful nature to my compositions; making comparisons to children's building blocks which are also a non-permanent and abstract form of sculpture.

You have an innovative colour pallette, tell me why this is.

Similarly to the reference to children's building blocks in my subject this also informed my colour palette. In the early stages of my research I was surrounding myself with a lot of works by abstract artists such as Kazmir Malevich whose colour palette is very similar to my own with the use of block primary colours. These vibrant colours allowed me to create relationships and separations between the subject and create illusion through this.

There are multiple elements present in your work, how do they tie together and inform one another?

The one consistent element is the fluctuation between sculpture and photography. All of my materials point toward a physicality and sculptural elements allowing me to create impossibilities and illusion through photography. Whether the work is finalised as image or sculpture it always feels as though I could add another 'layer' and be transformed again to continue that fluctuation.

What are your plans for the progression of your practice? As a recent graduate where do you see yourself going as an artist?

I want to continue my practice of using paper elements and printed imagery to create seeming impossibilities, I enjoy using photography to confuse and create illusion. I want to carry the self-referential elements through to new work looking at the mechanical, physical nature of photography and how this can oppose abstraction. As a recent graduate I hope to carry on learning through seeing lots of work and researching to develop my practice, and to keep exhibiting and growing creative networks.

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