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Rosa Nguyen & Nadja Gabriela Plein

3 MARCH - 8 APRIL 2017 (Closed week of 6 March for Affordable Art Fair, Battersea)

Venue: BEARSPACE, 152 Deptford HIgh Street, London SE8 3PQ

Open: Wed- Fri 10-3pm / Sat 10-6 pm 

BEARSPACE presents an exhibition by South London studio based artists ceramicist and sculptor Rosa Nguyen & painter Nadja Gabriela Plein in ‘Conducting the Surface’ which creates a dance between the two artists work both using the surface as the starting point for their artwork compositions. Rosa Nguyen will create one of her  Living Wall tableaus using colour, ceramics and glass to display an array of flower forms which act as functional vessels and growing sculptures simultaneously.  Nadja Gabriela Plein’s colourful and layered paintings on fine aluminum will hang in conversation with the living walls across the space.


Art as improvisation, giving way to forms, gestures and colour seems increasingly appealing in a world of information, statistics and photographs.  Each mark, application of colour and overlaying of forms creates a new dimension to the work, allowing the viewer to slip between the surface and the artist create works to interact with the surface but also the elements beyond.   Rosa Nguyen adds flower stems to her works, allowing them to become organic and interplay with the space within the gallery, whilst Nadja Gabriela Plein’s paintings came from a place of dynamism within music, to stillness within the paint, capturing the streams of improvisation as they flow.


Nadja Gabriela Plein gained a doctorate from the Royal College of Music in composition she won the Mendelssohn Scholarship and has enjoyed her compositions being played internationally.  She is currently enjoying continuing her practice at the acclaimed and newly formed Turps Banana Art School specialising in painting in South East London. 


Rosa Nguyen also works from her studio in South East London, drawing on both oriental and western sensibilities she creates installations, individual ceramic and glass pieces and 3d works that combine fine art, fine craftsmanship and playfulness creating works that can be used as functional flower vessels but also sculpture interchangeably.  Rosa has enjoyed creating installations in such versatile surroundings such as ‘Collect’ at the Saatchi Gallery, the British Glass Biennial and the Regents Hotel, PortoMotenegro.


We are pleased to be showing both artists for the first time in an exhibition that pushes the boundaries of the surface with colourful and refreshing works reflecting an organic, sensitive and playful artists sensibility.

Image credit: Rauchmusik (Smoke Music) by Nadja Gabriela Plein ©the artist

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