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Gareth Hacon - Suspended Ground

Dates: 28 June – 28 July, Open Wed – Fri 10-3pm, Sat 10-6pm

@BEARSPACE, 152 Deptford High Street, London SE8 3PQ


Suspended Ground showcases recent photographic works by Gareth Hacon creating evocative landscapes encompassing light, natural elements such as fields and beaches and what feels like the hand of the artist/photographer upon them.


Hacon patiently seeks out landscapes in Norfolk, waiting for the perfect time when the elements including wind, mist, light and earth seem at their most still.  At this moment he uses his camera to capture & draw in the atmosphere, capturing this through his photography, the artist carefully selects the piece that serves his experience within the landscape best.  These pieces are mounted on Aluminium Dibond to create a flatness and highlight the luminescent quality of the scenes, so the viewer is transported to this ethereal landscape as if they were a participant through the lens.


Of particular interest in Hacon’s work, is capturing the place where earth meets the sky, at a point when both seem to merge, drawn together through the elements.  The smallest detail, an animal or area of grass anchors the landscape which then seems to dissipate into cloud and mist.  By doing this the artist expands these large vistas further allowing our minds and thoughts to travel through the works as they draw us into their atmosphere.


Gareth Hacon is a photographer based in North Norfolk, who studied graphic design and moved into photography with an interest in open and closed spaces.  

BEARSPACE creates a launchpad for visual art, discovering and promoting talent based on technique, quality and imagination for individuals to follow, collect and enjoy. 

Image credit: Gareth Hacon 'Presence'  Fuji c-type photograph mounted on Aluminium Dibond with subframe (ready to hang), 80cmX60cm Edition of 10 (above)

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