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Artists: Kate Jupe / Deanna Lewis / Victoria Ashdown


15 September – 6 October 2018

Extended 31 October - 10 November

Wed-Fri 10-3pm

Sat 10-6pm


Important events: Deptford X, 21 – 30 September

Shapes & Shadows takes its lead from three emerging artists, drawings by Kate Jupe, paintings by Deanna Lewis & sculptures by Victoria Ashdown in an exhibition that leads you on a journey through mark making, colour and form.


Each artist works mainly with unstructured form to point you towards a journey that continues to unfold.  This starts as a notion, an action of mark making or interpretation of experience.  Through abstract form and colour a dance occurs between these elements in each artists work, and also collectively.  These three emerging artists remove & play with structure and in doing so open up possibilities through their art.  


Deanna Lewis’s paintings feel like soft organic underwater scenes where forms interact with each other as they travel across and round the painting, graphically cut through with the blankness of the canvas like a film strip.  The contrast between her painterly style with the white graphic strip creates a full stop to the openness she creates.  Kate Jupe’s drawings are inspired by her own photographs which capture the liveliness of nature and landscape, combining colours & use of materials such as oil paint, acrylic, spray paint, pastels, pen and pencil.  Through the use of her mark marking she relays the natural elements.  The result feels like a journey through a scene as the artist has experienced it.  Sculptor Victoria Ashdown creates small sculptures using a range of materials including coloured acrylic, wire, porcelain and concrete to playfully explore how resistant materials can be shaped and combined to move beyond their own form.


Kate Jupe studied at the Bath School of Art & Design graduating in 2018.  Kate has shown in Bath, Bristol and Cornwall and most recently at the Bargehouse London, part of Oxo Tower Wharf. Kate was also selected for ‘Best Of The South West 2018’ recently exhibiting at Pound Arts, Corsham. 

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Deanna Lewis studied Fine Art at Leeds University & has shown in London, Leeds & Newcastle.  Deanna has recently been selected for the Aon Community Art Award. 
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Victoria Ashdown studied at Bath School of Art & Design also graduating in 2018 Ashdown has exhibited work in Bath and in London currently working in Cambridge UK.  

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Image credit: ’Exchange,’ Deanna Lewis, Acrylic and oil paint on canvas, 35 x 50 cm 2018

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